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Prosthetic/Aesthetic Treatment Solution For Your Smile!

Dental Prosthetic/Aesthetic is the specialty that deals with the replacement of missing teeth or the complex oral rehabilitation of dental arches.

Dental4U Clinic - Aesthetic
Dental4U Clinic - Aesthetic

The most common Prosthetic/Aesthetic treatments:

  • Fixed works (veneers, crowns, dental bridges)
  • Mobile or mobilizable prostheses
  • Classic skeletal prostheses or with special systems
  • Ceramic or composite veneers
  • Inlays of noble materials or ceramics.
In the early stages, it can only be seen by the dentist; when the presence of caries is also noticed by the patient, the lesions are already advanced. Hence the importance of regular check-ups at the dentist’s office, in order to catch the disease in its infancy. The earlier the caries is caught, the lower the tooth sacrifice, the simpler the treatment, the less expensive it is and the fewer sessions it requires.

At first, caries manifests as a simple brown coloration of the tooth. Later a cavity appears, which continues to enlarge. If the process evolves, inflammation of the dental pulp (“nerve”) also occurs, which leads to the need to remove it and to block the root canals.
Dental4U Clinic - Aesthetic

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