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Prophylaxis Treatment For Your Smile!

Dental Prophylaxis

Dental prophylaxis is the first and most important step in dental care. Prophylaxis helps both in prevention and in the case of pre-existing periodontal disease.

In addition to daily dental hygiene, due to certain external factors, we also recommend professional hygiene.

In our clinic, professional hygiene is performed by ultrasonic descaling, professional brushing, air flow – with the help of these methods the plaque, the dental tartar and the unsightly stains on the surface of the teeth are removed.

Descaling and professional brushing are two necessary procedures to prevent periodontal disease, these procedures remove tartar deposited in hard to reach areas. If the tartar is not removed, a larger amount of bacterial plaque may build up, resulting in the progression of gum disease.
Dental4U Clinic - Dental Prophylaxis
Dental4U Clinic - Dental Prophylaxis

Professional Whitening

It is our desire, of all, to obtain white, shiny teeth and to maintain their color for as long as possible. However, very rarely the teeth remain white as we would like without a little help.

Professional teeth whitening done in our clinic is a safe, effective procedure to brighten your smile.

Depending on the method chosen, the result can be quite dramatic: teeth whitening done in the dentist’s office, for example, can whiten teeth by up to 8 shades in just one hour of treatment.
  • Teeth whitening in the dental office – with this technique the fastest and most remarkable results are obtained. In just one hour of treatment you get a color up to 8 shades lighter than the original color.

  • The “take-home” system – is an effective method for teeth whitening, which requires a longer duration of treatment. It is necessary to wear splints and a whitening gel for 4-5 nights, the shade will stabilize in a few days.
Dental4U Clinic - Dental Prophylaxis

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