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Orthodontics Treatment For Your Smile!

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics – is the specialty that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of positional abnormalities of the teeth and to correct the wrong bite (occlusion).

Such conditions are common in children, adolescents and adults. In the case of diseases encountered in children and adolescents, they are easier to change because the jaw bones still grow and mature.

In adults, orthodontic treatment may take longer because the jaw bones have stopped growing.
Dental4U Clinic - Orthodontic Treatment
Dental4U Clinic - Orthodontic Treatment
The braces work by moving their teeth, exerting constant pressure on them for long periods of time. The shape of the jaw gradually adjusts to conform to this pressure.

We tend to think that our teeth are connected directly to the jaw, making it very difficult to imagine how they can be moved. But under the gums is a membrane surrounded by bones that connect the teeth to the jaw. This membrane controls the position of the teeth, and responds to the pressure that is put on the teeth by the dental appliance.

Orthodontic Treatment makes your smile look fabulous, and it will last a lifetime. Also, the orthodontic treatment will make the whole face look more beautiful, by correcting the ratios between the two jaws and by changing their shape. If you want to correct your teeth, then you need to follow an orthodontic treatment. Such treatments involve applying light pressure to growing or already grown teeth by fixing a brace.

At our clinic you can choose the – mobile device suitable for patients with baby teeth in different types of – fixed devices for adults, which due to age require greater orthodontic forces.

Dental4U Clinic - Orthodontic Treatment

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