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Periodontal Treatment For Your Smile!

Periodontitis treatment - periodontitis or periodontal disease is a chronic gum disease

An inflammatory type. This can lead to tooth loss by destroying the tissue and bone that supports the teeth.

The main cause of periodontitis is dental plaque – a film composed mainly of bacteria.

Factors that promote periodontitis, in addition to poor hygiene are: smoking, diet, some hormonal disorders, contraceptive use, diabetes, anemia and some medications.

Dental4U Clinic - Periodontal
Dental4U Clinic - Periodontal
The diagnosis of periodontitis is simple and is made by our dentist through a simple consultation, after which the periodontal treatment is established.

In the early stages, the disease can be stopped and even eliminated by impeccable hygiene and checks at the dentist. The treatment consists in eliminating the factors that led to the appearance of the disease: bacterial plaque and tartar. Professional descaling and brushing are performed which are supplemented by adequate oral hygiene. If necessary, the doctor may recommend the use of products with antibiotics and antibacterial substances, which thoroughly clean the oral cavity.

In the case of periodontitis in an advanced stage, the treatment is a long one that involves several steps. The duration and the treatment plan are established after the consultation by the dentist.

What is not known about periodontitis, who is at risk?

Although periodontal disease (gingivitis, periodontitis, advanced periodontitis) surprisingly affects 1 in 3 adults, the end result being tooth loss, these are treated superficially by most patients. Unfortunately, even children and adolescents can be diagnosed with “periodontitis”, and an appropriate treatment for periodontitis can only be established individually, for each case, depending on the degree of periodontal damage and the age of the patient.

Given the importance and incidence of periodontitis, Dental4U Clinic pays special attention to the treatment of periodontitis.

Dental4U Clinic - Periodontal

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